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“Sydney's Vision for College"

For the past 4 years I have operated a curbside recycling business with my brother. We provide a very valuable service to our community. Every Saturday we pick up recycling from customer’s houses. Then we take it to the sorting facility. We now have over ninety customers. I have learned many things with our business. I have learned how important customer service is. I also learned that good communication is a big part of keeping your customers happy! My favorite part of my business is spending time with my dad and brother while working. We talk about all sorts of things in life.

“The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.”

I plan to attend Oklahoma Baptist University next year. I am going to study nursing. My goal is to go on to optometry school. I hope to open a clinic of my own serving children in need of contacts or glasses. I would like to be an optometrist because helping people and children see correctly is a life changing experience. The first time I put my glasses on I realized that trees have leaves on them! Before I couldn’t make out the leaves on the trees, they were just green blobs. It truly changed my life, and I would love to change other children’s lives the way it changed mine.

Today I applied for a scholarship at Marvel Optics, wish me luck!

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