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Plastic Bags ???

Ever wonder if you can recycle plastic bags? Well the answer is no! The reason why is because they get caught up in the rollers in the recycling sorting facilities.


Here you can see workers that are having to manually remove plastic bags from the rollers on the conveyor belt system. The whole sorting line has to be shut down to remove these bags.

Don't !

Don't put plastic bags in with your recycling material. Also, if your material is not loose, but is instead all inside of a plastic bag, there is a very good chance your recycling material will get pulled off the sorting line and sent to the landfill instead, It's best if all of your recycling material is loose!


One great option is to gather all of your plastic bags and donate them to your local Food bank. With our service we collect them. Our customers can leave them together in a bag to the side of their recycling and we will take them to the Owasso Community Resources Food Bank. You can collect bags and donate them yourself. It's a great way to get your Kids involved with recycling! You can collect plastic bags in your neighborhood and donate them to your local food bank.

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