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Pepsi helps Teenager Break 200 Customer Mark with his Curbside Recycling Business in Owasso, OK.

Seth Sherman has worked with his sister, Cousin, Mom and Dad to grow the family Curbside Recycling business to over 200 customers, mostly in Owasso. A big part of their recent growth is thanks to a grant from PepsiCo Recycling. This grant allowed the purchase of up to $10,000 worth of Recycling Cans! Why is this great? It has allowed Green Teens Curbside Recycling(GT) to offer a free sign up promotion. This promotion has already brought in over 50 customers. The goal is to add another 100 customers with the help of the grant. We currently service Owasso mostly, but we are have expanded to Collinsville and Verdigris and hope to add more customers in those areas as well.

"I never thought it would be this popular" said Seth. "People love it because we make it so easy to Recycle"

The Grant from PepsiCo started less than 2 months ago and has already helped us to signed up more than 50 customers in the initial promotion. We hope to continue growing and take full advantage of this very generous grant from PepsiCo Recycling.

Six years ago GT started with 6 customers and Jake(the dad) driving Sydney and Seth around to collect recycling. Thanks to articles from the Owasso Reporter, Owassoisms and Fox 23 we have been able to grow our business and offer a great service to more people in our community

We now have over 200 customers and hope to continue growing! We offer a standard service to recycling Paper, Cardboard, Glass and Aluminum. We also offer an additional glass collection service.

"It's been an amazing opportunity for us to teach our kids many lessons" said Jake. "We hope to grow it, hire more teenagers locally, and then use the money to help our kids pay for College" Sydney is currently attending Oklahoma Baptist University and hopes to study Nursing. Seth just got accepted to Oklahoma State University and hopes to Study Architecture, construction management and business.

This year we brought on Elias Sherman, Sydney and Seth's cousin. He has been a great addition to our family team. He is a sophomore at Booker T Washington high school and plays football. He has been working on Saturdays with Seth. His mom can't wait until he started driving so she doesn't have to continue bringing him out to Owasso to work.

Diverting material from the Landfill is our goal! As you can see from the log below, our growth has helped us increase how much recyclable material we can deliver the TRT recycling facility in Tulsa. We have diverted over 56 tons from the landfills!

This chart shows some of the advantages our service provides over the other local recycling options. The more people in our community recycling, the bigger the difference we can make in conserving our natural resources. "We are very proud to provide this service to our local communities, thanks to all of the people that have joined our recycling family by becoming customers! Your are not only making a difference to our planet, you are making a difference in our family too" says Jake.

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