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Now Servicing:
(Rural Route)

- Residential Curbside Recycling
- Commercial Curbside Recycling
- One-Time Recycling Pickup 
- Junk Removal 
- Electronics Recycling

Recycled Cardboard

Green Teens Origin Story

We are a Local family & veteran owned curbside recycling company based in Owasso.

Jake and Kelly started this business with their teenagers as they approached high school. Jake lead the family in recycling. "The kids would get to ride in the back of the truck and hold down our boxes when we took our recycling to the church across the street." Then when they moved and had to haul their recycling miles away they decided that a curbside service was a much needed service in their community.


Jake talks proudly about starting a business with his children:

"It wasn't easy, but It was the biggest accomplishment I have ever done as a father! I had the kids trapped in the truck for several hours with me each Saturday. They could listen to whatever music they wanted on the radio, but no earbuds were allowed. Basically I forced them to have conversations with me. I invested my own money in the business to get it going, and then let the kids keep all the money. I made them do all the books, communicate with customers and everything. I set them up with bank accounts when they were 14 and began teaching them about budgeting their money. They continued to work it as it grew in high school and saved money for college. Then my wife and I took over, hired a young man named Chevy to drive the routes along with us. We have been blessed to be able to grow this business. It has allowed us to help our kids go to college. It was the best investment I have ever made! I'm so grateful for the chance to connect with my kids and teach them so much about life"


This is why our curbside service is named "Green Teens"


We provide a valuable service to our community and make it easy for people to recycling and help conserve our natural resources!

What We Do 

We Make Recycling Easy !!!

We provide a Curbside Recycling Service:
- Paper
- Plastic
- Cardboard
- Aluminum
- No Sorting

- Small Electronics

- Glass (Separate Service)
- Curbside Pick up every 2 Weeks

Junk Removal Service

We Haul it and try to Recycle it!

Electronic Recycling Service

We pick up small electronics with our curbside service but also offer one-time pickups for bigger materials.

- Owasso

- Collinsville
- Verdigris

- Skiatook

- Claremore

- Oologah (Rural Route)




(918) 400-0403

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